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How to Get More Twitter Followers

One of the hottest spots to be on the net is at Twitter. And the more your followers its obvious the more you are sought out and popular. Since marketing and social networking make up the primary objective of being on Twitter, the first step is to generate more followers by directing as much Twitter traffic to your account as possible.

Once you have signed in and have your Twitter account you start by posting your profile. Your profile will decide how much Twitter followers you will generate. People like celebrities do not need to do much hard work because they are already famous and have impressive profiles which people love to read about their activities, their views on current social and political topics and their upcoming events. But unlike celebrities who have attractive profiles, you will require to make your profile attractive to draw in visitors.

Like all social networking sites your Twitter profile will decide who is interested in you or not, so do a lot of hard work when creating this important profile. Make your online profile very interesting so that the moment a Twitter followers arrives they are compelled to revisit and add you to their following. Your profile hits the visitor straight in the eye so make it attractive and compelling both literary and visually. Use the Twitter background image to make interesting images on your profile. You can also create your own images by going to settings and proceeding to Design tab then to Change Background Image.

To get more Twitter followers you can also use a well tested method by creating a Twitter landing page. Since this will be the page you connect through, keep it lucid and simple. You can give some witty remarks about yourself and add a link to your page that give them more detailed information like a trailer does for a film. Write about interesting things and add current and popular tweets which people are following like crazy. This is sure to drive more Twitter followers to your account.

Besides these you can try some other methods which are as successful in getting more Twitter followers. Try the Twitter adder. It is new software that has fabulous features that guarantees more Twitter followers in a very short span of time. You might also find it worthwhile to create a tool or an application that allows you to profile our own homepage. By adding new and current tweets that are abuzz on Twitter, you automatically draw more followers to your account. But to ensure these followers keep revisiting and they follow back and you follow them in vice-versa, make it a standard point to have enough interesting tweets that keep

Source by Thomas Deans

Should You Send Automatic Direct Messages to Your Twitter Followers?

I am also relatively new to this whole Twitter following – even though I have a marketing screen and nice branding. I’m still getting used to it – the whole Twitter thing. What I’m not getting used to is the “automated direct messages” that come up at least in 1/3 people I twit follow. I do find them annoying as you might have already experienced as well because they’re not personal. Remember when email came out in like 1999 and was popularizing really fast. It was the “cool” thing, everyone loved email, it was extraordinary and amazing. But in 2002 it was quoted as “time consuming” and even “work”. So it no longer became a personalized message to someone but a form of communicating business messages and work and it became a nuisance to open. Don’t get me wrong automating your messages via email and Twitter is a great way to do nothing and have the “system” do the work for you. Do get me right though when I say that being more personal will get you more followers and will keep them.

There is an ongoing wave that is still rising and curling and on that wave Twitter is on top. Although on this rising tidal wave, the people that have direct message are usually affiliating those messages with a website or a “make money from home”, “make $250k in 12 months” and it does get annoying to users who are marketing their business. Do you think those Twitter followers read any messages you send them? In my experiences, this is not the case. I have messages other online marketers like myself and even though their direct messages have reached me the first time, I haven’t got my 1st reply or my 2nd reply back from them. The case and point is if you don’t brand yourself to your Twitter followers and personalize your messages to them, you are the annoying one.

I’m not saying that Automatic Messages are innately bad.

But obviously its not building your brand and your reputation online – unless of course you just want to have the largest Twitter following on the planet earth and you have nothing to market you just want the largest list ever. Good for you, but most people relate to other people who can relate to them back. It’s a reciprocal thing and this goes for your @messages and what you’re doing. In my humble opinion to this Twitter trend as I see it growing steadfast is this: personalize who you are or Twitters will not listen to you. You will be a cow lost within the masses. You will be doing what everyone else is doing. Yes in some cases the automatic messages work and you will build leads. As it has worked for me in the past, it ended up getting 2 or 3 leads from Twitter solely when I used Twitter strategies to attract more traffic to my website.

Folks on Twitter seem to be against bad marketing as well.

And I truly mean this because recently I was so fed up receiving these messages in my email inbox of irrelevant crap that I turned off all marketing. I don’t even check my direct messages anymore. I do sort through the ones I see as “real” people, but everyone else is just trying to sell you. I think it was Jeffrey Gitomer who said it this the best way: “people hate being sold, but they love to buy”. Case and point again, the folks on Twitter respond to Twitter as a form of Marketing. And just to test this theory before I wrote this article to prove myself right, I added 500 random strangers just from other followers that I have following me back. Out of those 500, only about 200 added me back while another 300 have no idea who I am and will probably never respond back to me. Out of those 200, and all the ones I visited, they are newbie’s with less than 200 followers and are very personalized (I think I visited like 5 profiles). Out of the 200 that added me back about 109 messages were Automatic Messages with “Hi I hope you have a great day” – not very original in my opinion). Or “Hey great to have another follower – check this out [http://www…].” – again not very original. I think there was 1 out of the last 300 that messaged me saying something like “Why are you going there”? Which was a good quality question because I was at the T. Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Intensive Conference.

Case and Point.

I think with any new culture in web 2.0, your brand is your power. People can see right through you when they think or they think they know they are “being sold”. Do the automated messages if they work for you, but you won’t see any from me. My content is original, I don’t post content about how you should try this or that website because it’ll make you millions of dollars. You can probably already do that. What I post is what I’m doing. The fish I caught on the weekend, or the photo I took while I was at the beach. This kind of stuff brand the real person in you. Like I said, people relate to people not to what you’re selling.

Source by Michael Kowalczuk

Get Followers on Twitter! Do You Want Targeted Twitter Followers That Will Be Responsive From Day 1?

So, you want to get more followers on Twitter fast?

Listen carefully, I know exactly how you feel – I felt exactly the same way when I first created my Twitter account.

The problem?

Everyone’s telling you how easy it is, but it just isn’t happening for you. Well, guess what? Even if you do manage to grow your twitter following. You soon find out that you’re not getting any traffic from your Twitter followers. Your followers simply don’t click on your links.

All Right, there’s hope for you yet. The secrets I’m about to share will shock you!

It is possible to grow your Twitter following (I have). And you can get traffic from those followers (I am).

In fact, there is just 1 simple thing you need to do on a daily basis to get twitter followers that will actually respond to your tweets!

So, in less than 10 minutes a day you can get more twitter followers, that actually respond to you! So not only are we saving a bunch of time for ourselves, we are also not spamming people who obviously will not be interested in the messages we want to share.

Listen closely, all you need to do is follow people who are already active in your niche. So if you’re into dog training, you need to get followers on Twitter who are also into dog training.

In a nutshell, here’s the lesson: Twitter followers will be more responsive if they are already interested in the content of the message!

Source by Mike Hebsgaard

How To Increase Followers On Twitter

The verdict is still out for me on Twitter as a business tool – can it be used as an effective marketing tool or is it just another platform for spammers to exploit. Although I am by no means an expert or avid Twitter user (you can follow me if you’d like), I have noticed a few methods that have helped me and some of my clients gain more followers. This article will quickly outline a few techniques that have been useful from my experiences.

Don’t Try To Sell Anything

Like other online social platforms, un-established businesses can’t help but look at Twitter as a means to promote a product or business. While the use of Twitter as a tool for social awareness (as we’ve recently seen in Tunisia and Egypt) is a refreshing change from the norm, Twitter is mainly just another platform where businesses with small budgets try to solicit potential clientele through discrete and overt advertisements. If you are trying to gain a loyal and interactive following, offer helpful tidbits of advice without seeking anything in return. Make an inquisitive observation about your life that people can relate to. Make an objective statement about your business that will begin a discussion with your followers. If links are included in your Tweets, link to helpful articles or advice columns – not to a landing page filled with gimmicky advertising copy or free offers. If you’re like me, you’ll take one look and immediately unfollow this person.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity

Some of the dodgy so-called “experts” might advise you to post Tweets in blocks, so that your messages stand out easier. I’m sure you’ve all seen what I’m talking about – a series of 8 or 9 Tweets in a row by the same person, as an attempt to capture a large segment of your Tweet feed. This is outright annoying and an unethical approach to gaining notoriety (if that’s what you would like to call it). I immediately delete anybody who implements this strategy. If you really want to gain a following that is worthwhile rather than spamming Tweet feeds, make quality posts that engage your audience. One quality daily post is worth much more than 20 useless posts per day. Also try to post a few times per week. This will give your Tweets a better chance of being viewed. You can also track the performance of your posts throughout the day. A free service like Bitly can help shorten URL links and track clickthrough rates. Not using links in your Tweets? You can try to track the effectiveness of your posts by the responses you receive. While posting between 12-1pm EST may be a good idea – since people are on lunch break – you will experience more competition during this timeframe. So it might be more worthwhile to post at 8:30pm, when everyone is done with dinner and more relaxed. Experiment with scheduling and find out when you receive the most responses.

Utilize Hash Tags

Keywords or key phrases that are preceded by the poundsign (#) are called hashtags. By utilizing hashtags in your Tweets, your posts become easier to find – which can attract more followers. Hashtags are essentially subcategories – much like “tags” function as micro-categories in the Blog-o-sphere. For example, say you want to Tweet about your business. You might be inclined to post something like: “Having fun today with my business development strategy session.” If you were to do a search on Twitter for the word “Business”, you would see results from people who either: recently mentioned the word business in a post, have the word business posted in their profile bio, or benefit randomly from Twitter’s current search algorithm. On the other hand, if you Tweet something like “Having fun today with my #business development strategy session”, you will perform better in search results – because your business tag is more specific. Now when someone does a search for #business, only the posts that utilized the #business hashtag will show up in the search results. This is a much more specific method of searching on Twitter – regular users are very familiar with hashtags. This also shows you which users are using that same hashtag. You can then choose to follow them and hope they follow you back. Hashtags are also a great way to Tweet about events. If you have a large group of users who want to use Twitter before, during, or after an event, just have everyone use the same hashtag.

Utilize Twitter Lists

At first I wasn’t too sure about what to do with Twitter lists. However, I quickly became a huge fan. Twitter lists are a great way for finding topic-specific people to follow. I often search lists that include influential people in my field, then follow the other Twitter users on that list. Searching through lists eliminates most of the hard work – finding industry-specific users. If you begin to create popular lists that attract many followers, you are more likely to gain additional interest – due to the fact they are hoping to get added to your list(s).

Tracking Who Stops Following You

I’m a huge fan of Twunfollow, a free tool that lets you track those users who stop following you. Following someone who follows you is a general good karma approach to using Twitter – unless the user in question is an obvious sham. However many peoples use a sneaky technique to re-balance their “following” to “followers” ratio. Within a day or two after first following you, these users will unfollow you – so now their amount of followers is +1 while the people they follow is now -1. Repeat this process and you can see that the following:followers ratio can quickly be manipulated. The theory behind this tactic: having more followers and following less people is an attractive Twitter quality. Supposedly the imbalance with this ratio implies you are a popular Twitter figure and worth a follow request. This in turn (again according to some people) makes you a more attractive target for people to follow. In my opinion, this is a high school approach to viewing the following:followers ratio. I pay very little attention to this ratio. But I digress. Regardless of my viewpoint on this manipulation, Twunfollow is a great tool that sends you daily email updates on who stops following you. You can then in turn unfollow those dishonest users who are trying to tip the Twitter ratios.

Get Listed In Twitter Directories

Although you can directly search Twitter (improvements are constantly being made to their internal search engine) there are many other free tools available to find industry-specific users. My favorite online tool is Twellow, the Yellow Pages for Twitter users. On Twellow you can search by category or by location. Twellow also allows you to manage your followers. For example, you can view all your non-mutual followers and one-way followers. While there are some other Twitter directories out there, this one is by far my favorite.

Retweet and Check Your Direct Messages

A lot of people forget that you can send direct messages (DM) through Twitter. While most of the messages I get through DMs are automated responses to follows – you know, the “Thank you for following me” and “Here is my Free Book for following me” messages we all get – some of them are genuine. I actually managed to garner some new leads through direct messages on Twitter, so don’t forget to utilize them appropriately. Also be sure to Retweet posts that you particularly like. Do you have favorite Twitter users that you follow religiously? We all do (I think) – mine is currently @smashingmag. Then spread the love and utilize Twitter’s Retweet function. You can also Tweet at certain user by including the ampersand symbol (@) before their username. For example, if you wanted to send me a Tweet about this article, your message might look like this: @Davalign – thanks for the #Twitter article.

Have Some Fun With It

If you are not having any inkling of fun with Twitter, what is the point? Gaining a large Twitter following is not going to make your business thrive. Its not going to completely change your life. While you may gain some business leads through the relationships you build, the effort you put in will seem more worthwhile if you simply have some fun with it. Every once in a while, send a Tweet out about a joke you just heard. Retweet a humorous post you came across. Don’t take yourself or Twitter too seriously.

Source by David Panfili

Tips to Get Followers on Twitter Fast Without Following Them

Are you wondering how to get followers on Twitter fast without following them? You might be aggressively following bunch of random people in hopes that they will return the favor, but that is not very effective when it comes to quality over quantity.

Here are 3 tips to get followers on Twitter fast without following them:

1.) Use a picture of yourself. This simple step can increase your chances of being followed by a lot. If you have the standard weird smiley picture that Twitter gives you, you might lose out on a lot of chances to be followed. People might think you are a robot or a spammer. You do not want to give a bad first impression!

2.) Change the background. You do not have to be an expert in photoshop to get followers on Twitter. If you have a website on boxing, you might want to have a background that has something to do with boxing. Your followers do not like boring, standard backgrounds that came with Twitter.

3.) Whenever you post, try to add a hash tag (#) in front of a keyword that you want people to find you talking about. For example, if you are talking about motorcycles, make sure you type in “Check out this new Suzuki #motorcycle concept!” A lot of people search on Twitter with the hash tag so they can find the specific topic that is being discussed. If people find you talking about a niche that they like, they will almost always follow you.

Source by Kai Lo

How to Build Followers on Twitter

How to Build Followers on Twitter

Twitter is the newest rage in social networking online, following in the footsteps of popular social media platforms such as Facebook and MySpace. Like any other social networking platform, the key to leveraging it for business success is to build your list of followers. After all, the followers that you have on Twitter are your potential leads and customers. So, how do you build followers on Twitter?

There are two primary methods for building your list of Followers on Twitter: manually and automatic.

Manually Building Followers on Twitter

To manually build your list of followers on Twitter, begin by uploading your email contact list. No matter which email programs you utilize, Twitter offers the ability to upload your contacts and to send them an invitation to join your profile. Beyond this initial step, include your Twitter links on any other profiles, websites and blogs that you currently post content onto or participate in.

The key to driving your list of Twitter followers up naturally is to let people know about your profile. Email signature lines, Facebook links, blog html texts included referencing your profile, references of posts on Twitter on your other social media sites and more will work to publicize your following and will encourage others to join you as well.

Automatic Programs to Build Followers on Twitter

You will find that the most successful individuals and business owners on Twitter implement a combination of both manually building their list of followers and an automatic program. Twitter adder programs work automatically to build your list of profiles, requesting to become followers of other profile users daily.

In addition to requesting of others to become followers of yours, automatic adder programs can also send out mass direct messages, Twitter posts and updates for you throughout the day. There are a variety of automatic follower adder programs for you to consider, most offering affordable options to fit within any business’s budget. As one of the keys to success on Twitter is constant exposure of you and your business to your list of followers, automatic programs can expedite your overall marketing strategy.

Building your list of followers on Twitter is essential to developing a constant stream of traffic to your business’s targeted URLs. Work to leverage both automatic and manual follower additions in order to achieve the greatest amount of financial success for your business while using Twitter.

Source by Alfred Trabulsi

The Best Way to Get More Twitter Followers – 2 Techniques to Increase Your Twitter Followers

You want to increase your Twitter followers because you want more people to read your updates. You need to learn about specific tweeting etiquette in order to build a prominent Twitter profile. This article explains about the best way to get more twitter followers, the exact strategy I use.

There are two ways to get followers. One is by using different traffic strategies and other by following others.

a. Your Twitter profile is same as any other website. Which means that if you want to increase your Twitter subscriber base (followers), you need to drive targeted traffic to your Twitter profile. Consider your Twitter profile as your own blog or as a free opt-in newsletter

b. Provide incentives. Giveaway a free guide if they follow you.

c. When you first create your account, tweet about 10 things that really provide value to your potential customers, so that when people visit your Twitter profile, they can see your informative tweets and would immediately follow you back.

Here are few methods you can use to send people to your profile.

Traffic driving methods:

a. Buy banner ads in sites like Depending on your profile, you can get hundreds of followers in a single day.

b. Use Twitter as a customer support tool of your website.

c. Organize a contest.

d. Include links to your profile in your email and forums signatures.

e. If you already have a subscriber base, encourage them to follow you. Giveaway a free guide to them.

f. Leave links to your account when you do guest posts or comment on other blogs.

g. Ask bloggers to recommend your profile. Or you can exchange recommendations.

Follow Others:

This is a sure way to increase your Twitter followers. It only involves the act of following other users.

a. Follow 50 – 100 people daily. You can find your targeted audience in Twitter directory sites like

b. There are many spammers in Twitter. They create fake profiles and simply keep on following others. You don’t need people like these. So, before following someone, go to their profile page and observe if their account is genuine or fake.

c. You can use tools like Twitter Blacklist and Twerpscan to identify people who follow as many users as possible to increase their followers number.

Tweet about 5 times a day. Tweet about your latest articles, latest news, discount offers. Use it to conduct FAQ session.

Once you reach 10,000 targeted followers, it is very easy to sell your stuff or build online reputation.

Source by Indu Priya K

7 Tips to Gain Twitter Followers Fast

Gaining twitter followers can be fun, trying to raise your number of followers and maximise your exposure. Many celebrities can boast many millions of real followers but for the ordinary man or woman a few thousand would be a great achievement. How can you increase your twitter following?

There are several ways that you can increase your following some will have a direct impact and others will aid you to increase the number of followers you have. These 7 tips shown here are guaranteed to help you increase your Twitter follow:

  1. Make your account public. Having an account that is private means people cannot read your tweets without being verified, this reduces the likelihood that someone will follow you as they do not know what they will be following or if it will be relative to them.
  2. Try to tweet on subject. Basing your tweets around one subject will help build a loyal following and retain then, people with the same interest will be more likely to find you and add you as a follower. As a rule try to tweet about 75% of the time on topic and use the other 25% to tweet about personal stuff or other subjects.
  3. Tweet regularly. Nothing will turn off your followers quicker than a silent feed. Try to post 2 to 3 relevant quality tweets every day and try to space your tweets over the day for maximum exposure.
  4. Time your tweets. Timing your tweets so they get read is important. Try to tweet in the morning lunch and around 5 to 6pm. In the morning 8 to 9 is good for people before work, mid afternoon for the lunch time Twitter check and in the early evening for post work Twitter surfers.
  5. Follow people relevant to your niche. If you follow people many will follow back and if you follow those with similar interests the likelihood is they will also follow you back.
  6. Engage with your followers. By replying to question Tweets or asking a question you are very likely to get a retweet which puts your name further out to the followers of your followers.
  7. Make your profile pretty and relevant. Make sure you have a good clear head shot as your profile picture and play around with the profile appearance settings. A profile which is bland and uninteresting is not going to attract potential followers.

Follow these tips and you will see your follower numbers grow. See how many you can add in a given time such as a week by following this advice.

Source by James R Clark

Twitter – How To Get More Twitter Followers

As you probably know by now, Twitter is one of the biggest Social Media sites on the Internet and is only going to get bigger.

Many people who have started their accounts early already have thousands and hundreds of thousands followers and you don’t have to be a celebrity to get thousands of followers of your own.

For whatever reason you are online, business, finding friends, joining hobby groups, or starting a new non-profit organization, Twitter is one of the fastest ways to find others that share your same interests.

You might think that only big name celebrities can get thousands of followers, but the truth is that just about anyone that knows some of the inside tricks to getting people to respond to Tweets, can have a huge group of followers in a very short period of time.

One of the quickest ways to get followers is to look for people that state in their profiles that they “follow back”.

Following people that will follow back means that you will be growing your list as fast as you can follow people. Of course, you need to give them time to see that you are following them and they can get back to you.

Another fast way to get lots of followers is to participate in a Twitter tradition on Fridays which is called “Followback Friday”. On Fridays, many people join in helping to spread the word about new followers by mentioning them in a Tweet containing the tags #Follow and #FF.

Next Friday, look for people that are Tweeting names of people using those tags #Follow and #FF, and start following the people that participate. Once you have some followers of your own, you can mention them in your own FollowFriday Tweets. This is a fast way to get involved with people that mention you to their lists of followers.

Source by Matthew Maiden

How to Gain Real Followers on Twitter With No Investment

Twitter is an amazing platform. Whether you want to keep customers informed, find more customers, or promote yourself online, Twitter is one of the best ways to go. However, many people can have large problems when trying to gain followers on this platform, and revert to the wrong ways of obtaining followers, and that is by paying for them.

This is a terrible idea, as these followers are not real, not targeted often, and are not interested in what you have to say. All you spent your money on was spam accounts that will get you nowhere! So, what can you do? Hire someone? You could, but unfortunately, hiring someone can be very expensive and not in the budget. Do it yourself? Good option, but first, do some research! Here are some of my tips to get real followers on Twitter.

Get retweeted

This will happen when you have more followers, but when you give them interesting content, they are much more likely to retweet it!

Fill Out Your Bio

When someone knows who they are following, they are more likely to follow the right person. If they are looking for the CEO of Acme, and it says that you are the CEO of Acme, the user will want to follow you, and for the right reasons.

Link Your Twitter

Put a link to your twitter whenever you can, but make sure you don’t spam. The more places people can find out about your Twitter, the more people will follow you.

Bring Your Twitter Account to the Real World

If you find yourself speaking somewhere, bring up your twitter. If you’re username is easy to remember, people will look for you and follow you on twitter.

Take Pictures

Of all the things shared on Twitter, people like to retweet rich media the most. Posting homemade pictures and videos adds a great personal touch, plus has a higher chance of being retweeted.

Start a Contest

Everyone loves free stuff, and when all you have to do is follow and retweet someone, it sweetens the deal. Giving away things on Twitter is pretty easy, and with the right prizes, these can be extremely popular!

Make Connections

This is perhaps one of the greatest tips I have. Making friends on Twitter can be very easy, and if you find someone and become close to them, you can cross promote each other and both become much more popular.

Be Interesting

This one is complete common sense, however many people don’t follow this rule. Be interesting! Why would I want to follow someone who is boring? If I am not interested in someone, I unfollow them. On the other side, if I see a tweet that interests me, I will retweet it and follow that person.

Don’t Spam

Don’t spam, limit your tweets, they can wait.

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a great way to promote some people you follow, and if you promote some people, they promote right back!

In conclusion, Twitter is a great site, however can be very difficult to manage, if you can gain followers organically, promoting your site is that much easier.

Source by Justin Fowler